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Our great selection of no-contract cell phones makes finding the right phone easy, too. Just activate your phone by filling in the information on our activate page. You can even transfer your current phone number to your Page Plus phone at no additional cost.

How to Save With a Cheaper Cell Phone Plan – Types of Service, Major Carriers & Alternatives

As a Page Plus customer, it is simple for you to manage your account. Easily replenish your account online by coming back to our website and purchasing a monthly plan or pay-as-you-go service pin. Page Plus strives hard to build plans that fit your lifestyle and Page Plus makes it convenient to find the best one for you and your family. We even make it convenient for you to change from one Page Plus plan to another, whenever you want.

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Page Plus plans are smart because they give you the most reliable nationwide coverage at the lowest cost, and the freedom of no contract and no commitment! Like one of the largest and most reliable networks in the country. Or a variety of plans that consistently offer more value than other providers. As for roaming, then traveling to Puerto Rico or the U.

Virgin Islands, you will be hosted by you will have to pay 50 cents for sending a massage and 25 cents for receiving a message. Except for traditional prepaid plans Page Plus offers pay-as-you-go plans. In the former case, one minute costs you 10 cents, in the latter — 4 cents, which sounds more reasonable. All pay-as-you-go plans have one thing in common, no matter which option you choose, you pay extra for everything else than regular domestic calls. You will be charged 29 cents for minute of roaming calls, 5 cents for roaming message and 10 cents per megabyte.

Minutes within pay-as-you-go plans expire after days. After each preloading of the prepaid account the days starts over again. Almost all carriers today allow their subscribers to use their old phone with new services, providing that the device is compatible with particular network. The only charge to the Tracfone customer for these services is the deduction of actual connect time from the prepaid minutes on the customer's phone.

There is no roaming program by which a TracFone phone can be used outside the United States. These brands differ not only in their logos and prepaid minute rates, but also in their service offerings. It sells phones; offers BYOD for phones, tablets, and hotspots; and has various no-contract day plans offering unlimited talk and text, plus up to 20 GB of high-speed data, followed by 2G speeds.

GoSmart Mobile was previously a T-Mobile US subsidiary that launched in beta on December 7, , and became officially available nationwide on February 19, GoSmart does not sell any devices directly, but customers can purchase a SIM card to bring their own phone to the provider. Depending on the device, some models also offer Bluetooth, camera, hands-free speaker, qwerty keyboard, and wireless web. Net10 offers a variety of plans, which can be purchased either from their website or from designated retailers.

Minutes from one month carry over to the next, as long as service remains active. Additional data can be purchased throughout the month if the allotted GB are used up.

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For non-data users, unbundled plans with only text and talk minutes can also be purchased. Lifeline is a, government benefit program which subsidizes discounted or free phone service, only offered to eligible low-income or disabled consumers.

The service is non-transferrable, and limited to one mobile or landline Lifeline phone line per household. Customers can apply for service using the SafeLink web page, by fax, or by mail. Eligible participants receive at least 1, domestic talk minutes, unlimited text messages, and a fixed amount of data each month; [17] details vary by state. Service units might carry over to the next month, depending on the plan used. The customer can use TracFone airtime cards, including promotions for free bonus minutes. In August , the company was renamed Page Plus Cellular and launched services in Ohio and Michigan , followed by a nationwide launch in At the time of sale, Page Plus Cellular had 1.

Page Plus Cellular offers both pay-as-you-go and no-contract monthly plans. The carrier offers a variety of Samsung, Apple and Android devices. Dealers can be located on their website. On January 31, , Simple Mobile celebrated their one millionth activation. The initial plans offered prepaid month-to-month wireless services including unlimited texting, voice, and capped data.

In June the company began to advertise unlimited data on their prepaid monthly plans. Simple Mobile offers no-contract, day plans including unlimited talk and text and various amounts of high-speed data. All of the unlimited plans feature unlimited international text messaging at no additional cost to the subscriber. With the exception of iPhones, all of Simple Mobile's phones run the Android operating system.

In contrast to Net10 and Tracfone, Simple Mobile offers service only through T-Mobile's network and thus its phones will not work in areas where T-Mobile does not offer service; Simple Mobile does not ship phones to these areas.

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Straight Talk has a joint-venture agreement with Walmart that makes Walmart its exclusive retailer, [32] though customers can buy phones and service directly from Straight Talk via its website or by telephone. Straight Talk offers several different rate plans. Depending on price, these deliver limited or unlimited service over a day period. Monthly prices are reduced when plans are activated with Auto-Refill, which automatically activates the same service plan once the day period is complete. Service plans do not include hotspot tethering.

Video streams at up to p. Straight Talk customers' speeds are prioritized behind customers on the network they are using during times of congestion. TFWI that allows its users to call internationally as a built-in part of the service plans. Some plans offer roaming in Mexico at no extra charge. Devices and service plans can be purchased via the Total Wireless website, Walmart website, as well as in-store at Walmart, Target and Dollar General.

All plans include unlimited talk minutes and texting; and a variety of data options to choose from.

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Walmart Family Mobile offers no-contract prepaid plans. Service plans can also be bundled together for families needing more than one line. Customers can decide if they would like to bring their own phone or purchase a new one through Walmart Family Mobile.