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These are extracts of claims filed with the Social Security Administration, and include life claims for disability or retirement benefits, death claims for survivor benefits, applications for a replacement SS card, or applications for changes to a SS card e. An example from my own personal family research that shows how these records can be utilized is the case of Priscilla Fay Bolling.

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It provides her death date as 9 March , and she was buried in Bosque, Texas. But when was she born, and who were her parents? Her birth in also corresponded roughly to what was known.

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Her SSDI entry, however, provides no information on where she was born or who her parents were. A search of the Social Security Applications and Claims Index reveals the same woman, but with significant additional information. This index entry provides a slightly different birth date—7 January —in Stephensville, Texas. It also includes parental information claiming her father was Elvis N.

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Jones and her mother was Cora E. Priscilla had several name changes.

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According to her index entry, Priscilla Fay Bolling registered for a social security card in November , changed her name to Priscilla Fay Ripley in January , and changed her name to Priscilla Fay Reedy on 24 January She was alternately known as Mrs. John Ripley and Mrs.

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Priscilla Bailey. However, because of the Social Security Applications and Claims Index entry, we know the marriage occurred, and when we found the record for the marriage of Priscilla Fay Jones to Benjamin Franklin Bolling, we knew we had the right person, and were able to obtain her birth certificate, confirming her parentage. In this case, since we were able to find the Social Security and Claims Index record, there was no need to order the SS-5 for Priscilla.

Using these three Social Security Administration record sources can be very beneficial to your genealogy research, as can be seen by the example discussed above.

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  • Because the information was often provided by the individual themself, or by a family member, and it is tied to government programs and benefits, it is generally fairly accurate and can help you learn the names, dates, and places you need in order to obtain other vital records about your ancestors. If you need help obtaining an SS-5 or other Social Security Administration record, our professionals can help. Contact us today to discuss your research goals and determine which of our projects would best fit your needs.

    To be honest it amazes me how easily this information is available. The local office advised that their records did not go back that far. Time is of the essence as I have a short window of time to submit this required information to the judge. I need to know how I can obtain this document. Hi Travis, we would be happy to assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation. You may request a free quote here. Your email address will not be published.

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    United States Social Security Death Index

    This website uses cookies to give you the best experience. To read more about our cookie policy. Banks, financial institutions, investigators, people finding services and genealogy searching sites are among those who are certified to access the DMF. Some of these sites make the information available to the public in the form of Social Security Death Index search tools these search tools are required by law to pay for updates to the DMF in order to keep their records up-to-date.

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    The Social Security Death Index contains nearly 90 million records. There are records for people born as early as the 's however there are very few.

    These death records were originally stored in paper form in filing cabinets in Social Security Administration buildings across the county. Because of the difficulty of keeping physical records and the tediousness of digitizing them, there are numerous errors throughout the data set - omissions, misspellings, missing data, different date formats, and typos are common. Bigger mistakes such as mixing up first and last name are not unheard of.