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Who is Danny Dyer? Online ancestry searches spike following the EU referendum as people see if they qualify for an Irish passport.

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Tips from Ancestry members

Enter important information, including names, dates, and places to build a solid foundation as you continue exploring your family history. When building your family tree , identify a potential story about family that you are interested to begin exploring. Read genealogy articles and watch youtube videos related to family history to start building your knowledge base of records and methods for tracing your family tree. The U. Federal census is the largest resource for family history and is a solid starting place for examining your family tree.

Trace Your Family History & Geneology

Starting with the newly released US census , trace parents and grandparents through the census, recording their names, ages, birthplaces, immigration details, occupations, and residences as your build out your family tree. Search the US Census starting in Focus on one or two families at a time to help organize your research and increase your productivity. Select one or two families that interest you, rather than trying to tackle your entire family tree at once. Spend time gathering information and documenting your family in small pieces as you work towards the larger goal of filling out your family tree.

Learn how to then "connect the dots" by following family members on their journey to America through the U. Your relatives will likely have important resources in their homes that can assist your search. Family bibles, letters, certifications, and other important materials might be only a phone call away. Some family members might have old genealogical information from other relatives who have also worked on the family history that can help jumpstart your search.

How to start your family tree

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